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In-Home and In-Office Computer Services
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About Us

Techs-on-Call is an on-site computer repair and service company based out of Nashville, NC. Techs-on-Call does not have a physical office; we do all our repair work on-site, which helps keep our cost low and improves our service. It is better to see a computer where it is not working so that the problem can be reproduced. We have been a local business since 2005. You do not need to worry that our service will be outsourced to some distant location. All repairs and services are done locally, usually in your home or business but sometimes for especially slow repairs, we pick up your equipment and return it to you in a few days. You do not have take your computer anywhere, unless you want to.

We fix all-in-One, desktop, and laptop computers. our other services include hard drive repair, transferring documents and programs to another computer, setting up a backup for your home or office, building a new computer, upgrading your computer, and installing a basic wireless network. We can also assist you in basic home theater problems, TV problems, and video game consoles. In short, we can help you with almost all of your technical problems.

Another service we offer is one-on-one help and training. We can help you learn how to use your computer better. Especially now with Windows 10, many people need help using their computer. We can help with that. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help! If you were a computer expert, Techs-on-Call would be out of business. We depend on customers who need our help.

We also offer a special service for small businesses. Techs-on-Call provides a contract service that gives total peace of mind to small businesses. Included in the contract is free replacement for defective hardware, free priority on-site or remote support for any computer problem, free premium antivirus, and an optional daily backup service. You can be covered for every problem.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Techs-on-Call is BBB certified, the only computer repair service in the Nash and Wilson county area.

Techs-on-Call is CompTIA A+ certified. Learn more about A+ certification.

Our general on-site coverage area is Edgecombe, southeastern Franklin, northeastern Johnston, southern Halifax, Nash, Wilson, eastern Wake, and northern Wayne counties in North Carolina.

Call or email us for an appointment. Visit our prices page for more details. Thank you for your interest.

Techs-on-Call An on-site computer repair and service business in eastern North Carolinas. Currency accepted: US Dollar Payment accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card PO Box 1166 Nashville, NC 27856